• Melting letters swim in the sea / 溶けゆく手紙は海を泳ぐ (text score)
    for any performer
     commission by GEN-ON Channel
  • Dear green songs / 緑の歌へ
    for soprano, tenor recorder and bass flute
     commission by GEN-ON Channel
  • Ongaku for the winds / 風のための音楽
    for solo violin and live electronics
     commission by Yamabico lab
  • the stars in flux / 流転の星々
    for orchestra
     commission by NHK
  • Kagura Paraphrase Ⅱ / カグラ・パラフレーズⅡ
    for 6 Japanese instruments (: Shamisen, 2 Kotos(17・25), Kokyu, Shakuhachi and Narimono)
     commission by J-TRAD Ensemble MAHOROBA


  • SUITE / 組曲 (text score)
    for 6 steps / 6段の階段のための

    SCOREⅠ/スコアⅠ (text score)
    for 6 steps / 6段の階段のための
     commission by 6steps
  • behind the eyelids… / 瞼の裡に、media
    for soprano, theorbo and 9 players (: alto fl.,, perc., piano, vl.1,2, viola, vc, d.b., and cond. )
     commission by ENSEMBLE NOMAD
  • The Hazy Moon~homage to J.S. Bach~ /おぼろ月夜~homage to J.S. Bach~
    for violoncello (arrangment)
     commission by Toshiko Terashima
  • OIWAKE-reflection / 追分リフレクション
    for alto saxophone, trumpet in Bb, and piano
     commission by Pommier Ensemble


  • und
    for soprano
  • n[a]ni
    for soprano
  • In the box / 箱の中
    for electronics
  • in front of waves / 波をまえにして、media
    for piano (6 hands)
  • Kagura paraphrase SuzumaiⅡ
    for large string ensemble


  • Ou-totsu-ro / 凹凸路
    for soprano sax and piano
    commission by Masafumi UEHARA
  • Alberti-etude
    for piano
  • sign
    for amplified string quartet


  • Kagura Paraphrase score / media
    for prepared piano
  • Prelude for catwings / 空飛び猫のためのプレリュード media
    for electric guitar
  • Spring’s Memory score
    for flute and piano
    commission by Seichi Ito


  • Image of the wind / 風の形象 media
    for 8 players (: violin1, violin2, viola, violoncello, double bass, 2 percussion, piano and conductor
  • The Wandering Memory
    for flute (piccolo and alto fl.), clarinet (, violin, violoncello and conductor


  • Catalogue of the times / 時のカタログ
    for flute and soprano saxophone
  • Gin-sho / 吟唱
    for alto saxophone and piano
    commission by Masafumi UEHARA


  • the Waltz of a Dancing Monkey / 猿舞曲(en-bu-kyoku) media
    for piano
  • My Sonance
    for soprano and marimba