photo by Chikara Nitta

Mayuko Matsumoto was born in Nagano, Japan in 1994. She has not only composed solo, chamber, and orchestral works using contemporary compositional techniques, but also worked on collaborative productions and music workshops that transcend genres such as dance and fine arts. In recent years, she has been exploring ways to place signs and gestures created by sound in acoustic space.

Her representative works include “Image of the wind” (2019), “Kagura Paraphrase” (2020), and “behind the eyelids” (2023). These works have been performed in Japan, by some of best ensembles and performer for new music.

She studied composition at Nihon University College of Arts in Tokyo and with Hiroyuki Itoh and Naoko Hishinuma. She completed the master’s program in 2019. She was a research fellow at the Nihon University College of Arts in 2021-22, where he studied music education and composition.

In 2019, she has received several prizes for music compositions; Yukawa Osamu Prize from Nihon University College of Arts, 1st prize at the 88th Music Competition of Japan, the Meiji-Yasuda Prize and Miyoshi one, and the Audience Prize at the 36th JSCM award for composers.

松本 真結子

1994年、長野県生まれ。これまでに”自然・動物・郷土”から着想を得た作品を多数発表する。ダンス、絵本、映像等の他ジャンルとの共同制作のほか、近年は、子どもから 大人まで幅広い層に向けた音楽ワークショップを実施。近年は、音から生まれる気配や身振りを音響空間に配置(composition)する方法を模索する。